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10 Interesting, Unknown Inspirational Facts About India You Should Know

India is known to be the most diverse and amazing country in the world. There are thousands unknown facts about India.

India is recognized as the land of vibrant colors and is rich in culture, history as well as heritage.

The contribution of India to the entire world is endless, and there are many more facts to discover and note. Below we have listed unknown facts about India that you should know.

10 Interesting Facts About India

1) India has the largest post offices in the world

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We can proudly say that India has the largest postal network worldwide. If we say in terms of the number, then it is 1, 55,618 post offices and more than 5, 66,000 employees working in it.

Postal service in India is nearly about 150 years old. World’s highest post office is in India in Hikkim (a village) in Himachal Pradesh.

Hikkim is around 46 km far from the nearest town Kaza which is connected by road.

2) An Indian-American computer architect developed USB

Ajay Bhatt Biography

USB is a tiny device, which holds 80 GB of data in it and is very easy to use, is a creation of an Indian-American computer architect, Ajay Bhatt. He not even make a single penny out of this invention and is very proud of his invention, as he says he did not do this for money but to carry a change in the world of modernism.

3) World’s largest school in terms of number of students is in India

World’s largest school in terms of the number of students is in Lucknow, India, named as City Montessori School. It was founded by Mr. Jagdish Gandhi in 1959 along with his wife and was the recipient of 2002 UNESCO Prize for Peace education. In 2013 it was entered in Guinness Book of World Records with more than 45000 students.

4) Gathering at the Kumbh Mela is visible from the space

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Maha Kumbh Mela, took place after every 12 years at one of the four Indian places is recognized as and the great time to have a bath in holy river.

The Kumbh Mela is most visited and sacred and held in Allahabad.

Surprisingly in 2013, it has more than 100 million people in it, and this gathering was so vast that it could be visible from space too.

5) Indian Railways has more than 1.4 million employees

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Indian railway is known to be the largest amongst the world’s biggest employers and employing more than 1.4 million.

This organization has been ranked in eighth in the list of world’s biggest employers.

6) India has the largest English-speaking population in the world following the USA

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After the USA, India is known to be the second largest English speaking nation and very soon will be on the top.

The percentage of English speakers in India is nearly about 11.38 a total number of English speakers comes to 125,226,449 out of this figure only 226,449 people speak English as their first language and rest all as a second language.

7) India’s first rocket was transported on a bicycle and the first satellite on a bullock-cart

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The first rocket was transported on a bicycle as it was so light and small.

It was in 1963 ISRO launched its first rocket.

Similarly, ISRO designed India’s first satellite in 1981 named as APPLE, and it was transported in a bullock cart.

The reason to use wooden cart is that it was made of very sensitive instruments with metal trucks.

8) An Indian invented the Pentium Chip

Vinod Dham Pentium

Vinod Dham is recognized as the father of Pentium chip, who invented world famous Pentium processors from Intel.

Vinod Dham also played an essential role in the launch of K6-the Pentium killer processor too.

He is a receipt of Global Indian achievers as well as NRI achievement award.

9) Until 1986, India was the only place where Diamonds are found

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Diamonds were first discovered in India and were the only country remained till 1986 as the only the producer. Many searchers visit India in search of these precious stones.

Our country was the single source of all worlds’ known diamonds.

That was the WOW fact, isn’t it?

10) Indian national Kabaddi team has won all World Cups

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We can proudly say that India has bagged all six Kabaddi world cups which were played to date. Iran has been here times runner-up of world cups.

Be it men’s Kabaddi World Cups or an Indian women’s Kabbadi World cups both were grasped by India only.

There are endless interesting facts about India; the list will never end. We are proud to be an Indian and salute all people who contributed their lives to make this nation develop.

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