Did you know? India Discovered Water On The Moon

If you want to know regarding the fact that which country discovered water on the moon? Then the answer to this question is India. ISRO discovered the water on the moon, and spacecraft Chandrayaan 1 discovered it.

Who Discovered Water On the Moon ? : ISRO’s Chandrayaan 1 Discovered Water on the Moon

ISRO, i.e. Indian Space Research Organization detected water on the Moon. Chandrayaan-1 was India’s first moon mission, though it was India’s mission, but it took instruments from other countries also. Several of those instruments initially contributed to detecting water on the moon.

M3, i.e. Moon Mineralogy Mapper, a US-supplied instrument flew on Chandrayaan-1, and with the help of which the intensity of various colours of sunlight bouncing off lunar surface was also examined.

M3 found out the presence of water and hydroxyl along with rocks at many places in sunlit areas of the moon. Along with M3, two US space missions have also offered support evidence to it. Though the water found by M3 was not much, but it was found that on the dark side of the moon there was the presence of 600 million metric tons of water. These findings not only limit till Polar Regions but also include in it the moon’s equatorial regions.

First data came from Moon Mineralogy Mapper or M3 that confirmed molecular clues regarding the existence of water on the moon. After that data send by Mini-SAR which shows some evidence regarding the presence of large deposits of water ice in the shaded areas in Moon’s the North Pole.

At first water vapour, after that water molecules and now ice, Chandrayaan-1 had been collected much information to keep on scientific community excited for many coming years.

About Chandrayaan 1

Chandrayaan-1, the spacecraft commenced by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on 22nd October 2008, was the foremost such space mission for India. Amidst various accomplishments of Chandrayaan-1, the biggest discovery was to find water on the moon which acted as the catalyst for US lunar probes.

As per the wordings of Space scientist and former chairman, ISRO G.Madhavan Nair, who was linked with the affairs throughout Chandtayaan 1’s journey, the discovery is path-breaking.

Image source : jagran.com

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