The Success Story of Prettysecrets is an Eye Opener to Many!

The success story of Prettysecrets is surely going to bring back the positive energy in your life at great guns! It is dedicated to all those e-commerce retailers, who are making a way to become popular and for also those who are giving up.

Company: Prettysecrets

Founder of Prettysecrets: Karan Behal

What Do You Know About Prettysecrets?

Prettysecrets is an online lingerie retailer that is enjoying the peak of success. The company began their career by opening a small boutique in Mumbai. It happened somewhere in 2005. The shop dealt only with nightwear. Within a short span of time, the label became popular and started to sell in the large department stores like Shoppers Stop, Central, Globus, and a few more.

Apart from the big shops, their nightwear was reaching more than 200 small retailers too. Karan was really happy about the fact that the demand picked up sooner than he expected. A tremendous change was experienced in 2009. The founder of the company realized that there was a great demand for nightwear and lingerie in the Indian market; however, the number of retailers was less.

Karan spoke to YourStory in one of his interviews; “Even the stores that retailed the brand were riddled with problems such as uneducated sales staff, lack of trial rooms, limited floorspace and poor ambiance. The intimate nature of the category requires a specific sales environment and sadly the unorganized market could not provide the right platform for the brand to grow.”

He came up with the idea of introducing a brand named, Lace. This step helped him solve his challenges to a great extent and also helped customers in buying a variety of lingerie. Despite, a good production unit and amazing designs, Karan felt it very challenging to survive in business due to uneducated staff in retail business. He realized that until there is some focus paid on those areas, things will continue to worsen in business.

The company finally launched its e-commerce site, The site mainly focused on multi brand lingerie with the aim to provide the best to its customers online. As soon as the launch took place, the response was amazing! Finally, the company was able to reach their customers directly in the most professional manner.

He closed the Lace stores and started to focus completely on In regard to the funding issue, Karan’s previous hits and communication skills helped him to get good investors for his e-commerce business. Many popular investors began to invest in his company.

Prettysecrets really keeps the secrets of shopping by offering you an array of products online in the lingerie department. Their catalogue is simply beautiful and any woman would crave for colors and variety like those.

The company pays major attention to fashion, trend, style, pricing, and luxury living. Their products mainly target the youth.

The online catalogue consists of 900+ products, which is a number more than any other top lingerie brands in India. The company sells shapers, swimwear, briefs, bras, nightwear, and other inner accessories.

Accomplishments by Prettysecrets:

The company has expanded its business by tie-ups with major companies like, Myntra, Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon, and a few more. The brand takes care of the supply chain to these bigger companies.

Recently PrettySecrets funding raises Rs 40 crore from RB Investments (LiveMint)

What motivates us from their success story?

Not many businesses think of women comfort and style at the same time. Karan did not just think of his own profits, he also thought to create a better platform for ladies in terms of shopping.

Shopping for lingerie is a very private thing, not many women are comfortable to discuss their preferences, especially with staff that is not trained. It could get embarrassing sometimes to explain things to them clearly. Gladly, the concept of online lingerie selling by Prettysecrets was a wise move.

Before you open a business, it is important that you research the market well. Understand the gaps and challenges that may arise. Only then, you will see the clouds of success. Karan knew that nightwear demand was high, but marketing strategies were weak. Thus, he worked a two way plan by launching an online site for lingerie shopping. Afterwards what happened, we all know now.

If the story gave you some positivity and confidence in terms of doing business, feel free to share it with us. India Viral Diary team will love to hear from you. Keep visiting for more inspiration and stuff.

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