Raj Kundra

Business Tycoon Raj Kundra’s Success Story Starts From a Business Trip to Nepal, Imported Pashmina Shawls From Nepal and Supplied to all the major fashion brands in UK

The cute and handsome Raj Kundra shares his success story with the audience that will make you feel fresh, energetic, and inspired.

Name: Raj Kundra

Profession: British Businessman

Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom

Spouse: Bollywood Actress, Shilpa Shetty


About Raj Kundra And His Life Story :

Raj Kundra was born and raised in Britain. A college dropout never thought that he would start his own entrepreneurial journey and reach this level of success today. His business trip to Nepal changed his life to a new level. During his journey to Nepal, he saw the now popular Pashmina Shawls. He imported those by containers and supplied it to all major fashion brands in UK. This was during the 90s.

Slowly, he realized more business opportunities floating in from countries like, Ukraine, Russia, UAE, and Antwerp. Many countries encouraged him to get involved in various other business activities with them that include from Mining, Real Estate, Renewable energy, and Entertainment and Hospitality.

Raj is also a sports freak. He owns a part of the prestigious IPL team named, Rajasthan Royals. Raj is married to actress, Shilpa Shetty. He is also involved with his wife’s charity foundation, The Shilpa Shetty Foundation. The foundation focuses closely on Aid’s awareness and bringing power to the un-electrified villages.

The business entrepreneur also has keen interest in martial arts. To talk about his personal life and background, Raj was initially married to Kavita,but the relationship didn’t work. He found his true love in Shilpa Shetty and seems to be happily settled with her.

Currently, Kundra is partnered with Groupco Developers, which is a real estate firm that operates in almost 8 different cities. He other ventures include, Ashwini Steel, TMT Global, Essential Sports, Gold Gate Trading, and Media.

Kundra was among the promoters of an online platform and Television home shopping channel that dealt with celebrity endorsements. His co-promoter was the Bollywood Star, Akshay Kumar.

Sometime ago, Kundra and Bollywood actor, Sanjay Dutt launched India’s first professional mixed martial arts fighting league, The Super Fight League. This was in 2012. Kundra’s success may seem like a royal family born with a silver spoon. However, this was not the fact… Kundra’s dad was an immigrant from Ludhiana, Punjab, who served as a bus conductor in London for many years. He then became a small businessman. Kundra’s mother worked in a shop. It is his struggle and dedication that makes him the man he is today.

Motivational Facts:

Who will not be amazed to read the success story of a 12th grade college dropout to a business tycoon? The guy really had some strong goals and focus in his life. It is not easy to pick the most unpopular business and turn it the most demanded today.

Importing an Indian product and selling it to major brands in a foreign land is not a piece of cake. There were many hurdles and moreover, the biggest hurdle was whether the product will pick the expected demand. Despite the challenges and hurdles in business, Kundra didn’t push himself back. He kept moving at a great spirit!

To tell you something, Kundra owns property in Burj Khalifa, Dubai and bungalows in London and Mumbai. His Mumbai’s property is the one, where he has been living since 30 years now. It’s facing the sea and near the legendary star, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s house.

What more to share about the prominent businessman, Mr. Raj Kundra… Suzanne Khan (ex-wife of Hrithik Roshan), did his house’s interiors and Kundra also owns an interior décor firm. He owns a Lamborghini car and is quite fascinated about automobiles. However, the story is not to boast about his classy lifestyle, but to let you know that things happen…

It just takes some time for you to find the right path for your life. If the son of a bus conductor can become a prominent businessman on his own, we still have a major support of our families. Are we lacking something or missing something important in life? Perhaps, in the midst of making our living, we pick up any role that comes ahead of us.

We have not been able to focus what we exactly want from our lives. Sit down one day, list down all the qualities and skills you have. Make a plan on how you can use those skills to build a better future for yourself. This little task can help you to achieve bigger things in life. Think over it…

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