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Meet Ravi Saive, the New Guru of Linux and Founder of TecMint.com

Ravi Saive is a maestro of Linux and many other programming languages. His exceptional skills and success story is a true inspiration to young engineers and software programmers.

Name: Ravi Saive

Nationality: Indian

Profession: Founder of TecMint.com

Interesting Facts about Ravi Saive and TecMint:

Ravi Saive is the founder of TecMint.com, a site that broadly deals with notes and out of the box information related to Linux. You will find a good number of tips, tutorials, notes, and informative resources for web professionals.

Some of the special skills obtained by Ravi are; database creation, email, dns, dhcp, ftp, firewalls, ibm web sphere, JavaScript, linux, Idap, logic, networking, samba, and database administration. Saive has hands on experience in red hat linux, routers, and oracle. He is also very well versed with website production, web trends, web hosting, web servers, server configuration, proxy server, php, mysql, and other programming languages. These are good enough to convince the audience about this amazing tech freak personality.

His website TecMint is a survival tool for all those interested in learning about Linux. The site updates new and latest information on the various programming and networking languages. Students who are currently seeking more knowledge can comfortably rely on the site for their tutorials and notes.

Career Background:

Ravi Saive is a RHCE certified professional, who brings an amazing years of experience in Linux System Administration and Database Administration. His amazing skills include areas like; New Domain Creations and Deployments. Ravi has assisted and supported many firms in the Automated Backup Strategies, Proxy Setup and Mail Server, Web Hosting Solutions, Monitoring Tool Nagios, Database Installation, Replications, Data Security, and WordPress Setup.

Prior to launching TecMint, Ravi has served his role as an Asst. Manager (IT), Midday Multimedia Ltd. He was involved in various responsibilities that include; Installation and Uo gradation of Open Fire Application Server, Deployment Chat Server, Midday Newsletters, Monitoring Users, and many other technical aspects.

Ravi has also worked with Rediff.com as a Linux System Administrator, where he monitored a large number of Linux Servers.

There is still so much to talk about the skills of this amazing computer geek. He is a robot in the face of a human.

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Motivational Factor:

Despite a huge list of technical responsibilities, Ravi stays grounded and mentally balanced. Typically, the software engineers and technical persons are boring and emotion less. They are usually lost souls, who are in their own world of gadgets. However, a very less number of people balance their life this well.

Ravi is not just a typical software lover. He has a lot of other interests in his free time and this is what makes him a special person. He is more passionate to learn about NASA, comets, MilkyWay, Galaxy, Stars, Space Shuttles, and many more things related to space. He also enjoys playing the Guitar in his leisure time.

Ravi is fond of playing cricket and reading about Astronomy. All these interests only show how beautifully he utilizes every moment of his life. Despite his age, he looks more matured and dedicated for his life’s goals. He is truly an amazing personality to deal with.

If we have more people as sincere like Ravi from the youth, I am sure India wouldn’t take much time to become a developed country. In fact, India has no shortage of skilled and talented youngsters. The only concern is that people are highly influenced by the western culture.

We all have an aim in life, but very few people are dedicated enough to achieve it. It doesn’t mean that we must get disappointed; it’s just that some people inspire us to keep going without giving up. We don’t get inspired by humans, but get inspired by the spirit of these humans. After all, these stories give us peace and happiness within. I have an 8 year old daughter and she is fonder of reading every motivational story written by me. Rather, reading the typical fairy tales, she has a sense of satisfaction in her mind as soon as she reads about different inspirational people.

Ravi Saive is not only a man to be noticed by the IT companies or IT students, the way he manages his work is truly a topic to discuss about. His notes and discussions help companies to consider their data security systems. He has helped many people through his notes that even he may not be aware of. Our best wishes are with him.

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  1. Viral Indian Diary and Shruti Sharma – Thanks for taking time and introducing me to the world about my story and my journey so far with Tecmint.com…Feeling Happy….I usally don't share or promote myself in the any form of social media, but how you guys collected all information about me, seriosuly no clue, but great work……:)

  2. Ravi – Thank you for tecmint . I regularly follow tecmint, every day there will be some good stuff to learn on your website. Thank you once again for all your efforts

  3. Am pleased to actually be working with Ravi Saive, he is an amazing person, always there to correct when he needs yo to do better. TecMint.com has made me understand more about sharing knowldege and learning from others. May God bless you abundantly Ravi Saive, the help you are offering to millions around the world will surely pay you back.

  4. Hello Ravi, Thank you so much for your feedback, You are an inspiration to thousands of your followers including us 🙂 , Keep doing this great work and keep motivating others, its our pleasure to have your story featured on VID! Thank you!

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