Schauna Chauhan Saluja CEO Parle Agro

Meet the Bold and Beautiful CEO of Parle Agro : Schauna Chauhan Saluja

The success story of Schauna Chauhan Saluja doesn’t only inspire you to believe in yourself, but also become more focused in your goals. This article is dedicated to all those desirous women, who wish to make their identities known in their respective fields.

Full Name: Schauna Chauhan Saluja

Profession: Chief Executive Officer, Parle Agro

Nationality: Indian

Spouse: Bikram Saluja (Model, Actor and Tennis Player)

About Schauna Chauhan Saluja:

Schauna is one of the most talked about ladies of the town since last few years due to her achievements in her role. As motivational and grounded she could be; she is a major inspiration to many. Her success story gives you a different vision towards taking things differently. It broadens your thought process and makes you wonder what have you been doing so far?

Schauna is the eldest daughter of Parle’s founder, Prakash Chauhan. On one side, we have women who spend hours in putting on their best make-up to look gorgeous; we have women like Schauna Chauhan Saluja who love to flaunt their grey hair. She doesn’t feel embarrassed about it at all.

In one of her interviews, she stated; “I love my whites. They are part of my genes and I have no intention of covering them up.”  She also extended by adding; “I know so many of my friends and family who do (color their grey hair), but I find my white against my black hair so elegant, powerful, stylish and natural. I have chosen to let my hair go white. The salt-and-pepper look has become an extension of my personality. It’s who I am.”

Says who! ‘Only beauty empowers women to win people’s hearts; it’s the confidence that speaks for you.

Schauna is a hardcore workaholic person and has also been a wonderful partner to her husband, Bikram Saluja. The couple has a 4 year old cute son out of their wedlock. His name is Jahaan. If you need to balance your work and personal life in a manner that both of these hold respect, you must learn from Schauna. The couple compliments each other beautifully.

Frooti is also a brand of Parle Agro; the brand is thankful for its consistent revenue generation due to Schauna brilliant initiatives. In order to compete with the competitors, Schauna launched intensive marketing campaigns and brand endorsements that includes celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan. This took hype in the demand of Frooti by adults as well as children. With her keen vision and brilliant skills, Schauna plans to setup various plants of Parle in Karnataka and Uttarakhand.

Motivational Factor about Schauna Chauhan Saluja:

Schauna’s way of handling situations amazes me and inspires me highly. She doesn’t mind to admit when she is wrong as according to her, a person who admits his/her fault learns to grow bigger and better. As a top leader for one of the most leading companies, Parle Agro, Schauna still believes she is a learner and will continue to do so. Through her motivational talks, she beautifully explains that just because you are holding a higher position in your career doesn’t mean you know everything; knowledge is infinite and can never be achieved whole.

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Her success and talks ask us to continue believing in self and never lose confidence in ourselves. The moment you lose confidence, the world will be a dictator to you and you will never be able to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. Do not let the world take control over your personality. You know yourself better than no one else. Schauna follows an ‘Open Door Policy’, so that people hesitate to approach her. She believes that you need to be interactive with every employee of the firm to make things better at workplace.

Schauna’s words helps to believe; ‘Worry is the only factor that keeps you away from your own dreams. We must stand up for what we want from the Universe instead of worrying what will happen!’

If you felt some vibes of confidence through this amazing personality, feel free to share Schauna’s story with your corporate friends, loved ones, and family.

Photo : Twitter

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