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Shikha Sharma Success Story as The Managing Director of Axis Bank

Shikha Sharma’s success story as the Managing Director of Axis Bank is just another example of how empowered women have always been in India.

About Shikha Sharma

Born on 19th November 1958, Shikha Sharma is the managing director and CEO of India’s third largest Private Sector Bank. Shikha Sharma joined Axis Bank in the year 2009 as a leader adept at managing change. Shikha worked hard and ensures a complete makeover of the bank. Shikha always focused on converting Axis into a bank that has good relationship with retailers and corporates.

Shikha is an investment banker by her profession but has delved into deeper sections of banking and provided her employers with the best of result. It was the year of 2000, when ICICI was looking for someone dynamic to head their new Insurance Sector, the group of Board Members zeroed down on Shikha for the job and the rest is history. Shikha helped the ICICI Insurance acquire the best of deal from across the country and helped both the parties enjoy the peace of mind.

Shikha’s Past Life

Shikha was born in an army family, which coaxed her into changing schools almost every year. Over the course of her childhood, Shikha ended up changing seven schools. She completed her BA (Honors) from the reputed institute Lady Shri Ram College of Women and later completed her MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Shikha also has a diploma degree in Software Technology from the National Center for Technology located in Mumbai.

Shikha is married to Sanjay Sharma, her classmate from IIM-A. Sanjay Sharma is quite a known name; he had the opportunity of serving as CEO at the reputed Tata Interactive Systems. The lovely couple has a happy family with two kids. Apart of the contemporary family, Shikha has two brothers who are now working as cardiologists.

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Career and breathe taking milestones

Shikha Sharma may look like ordinary women but her charisma at the workplace and in board meetings are irreparable. She has been very effective with her policies, plans and their implementations. With a successful career in banking sector spanning over 5 decades, she has proved that hard work and dedication are not the attributes of gender.

Shikha Sharma has worked with ICICI for almost 3 decades and has played the most important role in the establishment of ICICI securities as the base leading insurance and investing brand.

By the end of her term at ICICI, Shikha served as the CEO and Managing Director of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. Her passion, vision and hard work ultimately made ICICI prudential life insurance number one in the country.

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Achievements and Honors

With the kind of stature Shikha has performed at and with the kind of results she has brewed, rewards, achievements and recognitions were bound to follow. Here’s a list of the most valuable achievements and honors, Shikha got through with smiles:

  • Her appointment as MD of Axis Bank has witnessed a surge of 99% in the stocks of Axis Bank
  • Business Standard listed her as the Banker of the Year for the year 2014-15.
  • She was awarded with AIMA-JRD Tata Corporate Leadership Award for the Year in 2014
  • Business Today listed her as the Best Woman CEO 2013
  • Transformational Business Leader by AIMA’s Managing India Awards 2012
  • Business World’s banker of the year in 2012
  • Business Today “Hall of Fame” 2011

How we see what Shikha Sharma as the MD of Axis bank has achieved?

There are two kinds of success Shikha has achieved throughout her banking career; Shikha has worked hard and impressed the stock market and on the other hand she has leveraged common Indian girls with the power to dream big. Shikha has brought the much-required change of mind in contemporary Indian society.

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Shikha Sharma is someone who has not only re-written the history but has made the two giant banks in India. The world looks at her as if she is a wonder because she actually is. ICICI insurance and Axis Bank are doing quite well in the contemporary India. Millions of people are acquiring their insurance and are preserving their money in these banks. What Shikha has done is not only marvelous but also very much unbelievable. Her experience and her education have helped India bank like never before.

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