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Meet Shiv Khera, One of the best Motivational Speaker In India, International BestSeller Author Who Sold 3.3 Million Copies In 21 Languages

Shiv Khera is probably more popular than Chetan Bhagat will ever be in India. Shiv Khera has catered to individuals who dreams, do things and make a name. Shiv Khera has a fan base that is intellectual and doers. Many self-help authors tried to recreate the magic Shiv Khera did and failed majestically.

The thing that sets Shiv Khera apart of others are his passion and involvement in everything he does. Shiv is not only an author but also a motivational speaker, passionate entrepreneur and a professional teacher.

The making of Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera was born in a small town of Bihar named Dhanbad, later he become one of the most celebrated authors from India. His books reached the remotest corner of the country and were easily traceable on railway platforms, local libraries and at book fairs. Shiv become the motivational guru of India through the mouth of word publicity. The new breed of entrepreneur rising to horizon during 1990s made optimum use of his books and realized their real potential.

While the books were helping entrepreneurs realize their potential Shiv Khera was turning into an inseparable name. His books were slated for years on bestseller lists. Even today his books are one of the highest selling self-help books in Indian Territory. Presence of Shiv Khera in United States of America is equally majestic. He has also founded Qualified Learning Systems USA. Shiv Khera is a household name among people who read, relish and share their literary fantasies.

One of Shiva Khera ‘s Quote “Winners make commitments. losers make promises. a commitment is a promise that is going to be kept no matter what.”

Books, National Bestsellers and International Bestsellers

Shiv Khera has authored 14 books, all in the genre of Self Help Books. Out of the 14 the most popular work of his is “You Can Win”. The book has sold more than 3.3 million copies and was translated in more than 21 languages. Shiv Khera is no more a national name; his presence across the globe is over-whelming. With clients like Nestle, Benz, Philips, Mercedes, HP, Maruti Suzuki and many more, Khera is surely a world guru.

“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”

Motivational Speaker, YouTube Personality and Inspirational

Shiv Khera is someone who is not limited to books; he is one of those rare authors who leverage technology efficiently for making a mark in the world. Shiv Khera has given talks in remotest corners of the world. Leaders, Politicians, Successful Entrepreneurs, Artists and Common People everyone comes together to constitute a fan base of Shiv. He is one of those rare authors and motivational speaker who can be recognized with his quotes and dialogues. Khera’s inspiration videos on YouTube have huge number of hits. People from remotest corners of the world listen to his audiobooks and follow his channel on YouTube for inspirational videos.

Political Career

There was a time when Khera decided to try his hands in politics but failed miserably. Shiv Khera was excited to play an eminent role in national politics. Owing to his popularity, he seemed to be a potential candidate but the Indian voters had different plans for him. He contested elections in 2004 and 2009 but failed to make a mark and decided to sideline himself from the national politics.

Later in 2014, Shiv Khera announced his support for Bhartiya Janta party and also campaigned for LK Advani. Shiv now owes his confidence to BJP and wants to work for them in future elections as well.

Supreme Court Suits and Socialism

Shiv always had a knack for changing things. Earlier he started by helping people realize their potential and accomplish things they are capable of. Later he tried his hands in politics then finally settled with the route of Supreme Court. Shiv Khera filed a lot of petitions seeking changes, modernizations in laws and rules. A lot of his petitions have been heard and accepted as an amendment.

Khera continues to contribute to society in varied ways; he keeps organizing fundraisers and other campaigns to help people in need. Shiv is one of those rare people who want to work for government, local people and young generation, all at the same time.

Contribution of Shiv in shaping up the modern India

It was 1990s when the word entrepreneurship realized its meaning in India. With the latest Internet based products and services peeping in, entrepreneurship started to flourish in India. Shiv Khera as an author was contributing thoughts. He was helping these entrepreneurs realize their potential and create a wonderful India.

Shiv Khera’s contribution is immense and can never be overlooked; he has helped millions of people in realizing their dreams.

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