An MNC Drop out Harsh Agrawal Becomes One of The Top Most Inspirational Bloggers – Making $40,000+ Per Month

Harsh Agrawal Brief Wiki | Bio | Email

Name : Harsh Agrawal

Date Of Birth : 22/06/1986

Currently Living in Delhi (India)

Email :

Who is Harsh Agrawal?

Harsh Agrawal is the founder and CEO of the blog –, with estimated income of $40,000+ per month approx.

He is one of the top most inspirational bloggers and youngest entrepreneurs who have shaken the aspiring young talented youth to achieve something in life.

Harsh was not born with a silver spoon. Agrawal is an ordinary individual, who initially worked in a call center. He has sustained and overcome all the hurdles in his career. He has achieved success at the age when people begin dreaming about their career.

Harsh is a professional blogger in New Delhi. Presently, he is handling a number of websites and blogs. Harsh is blog scientist. He is educating all the new bloggers for FREE through his blog. Sharing a few links below that how to start blogging and earn from blogs.


Harsh finished his engineering in 2008 and has been passionate about blogging since 2008. He is an answer and live example to all those, who believe online business or blogging, are not the main streams of career in India.

His ambition is to help all those bright and sharp minded youngsters, striving hard to make a career in blogging. Harsh has taken a major step in shaping the future of the youth, and all they need to do is find their way out to reach him.

Coming to this level may be quick for him, but it was certainly not an easy way out for the young achiever Harsh Agrawal. Harsh rejected the offer of working with one of the most reputed MNCs in India – Accenture. He has already worked with Convergys earlier.

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Achievements and Rewards:

Harsh won one of the prestigious awards in the online world by receiving the honor of India’s Best Tech/Blog Award 2013.

He is leading a number of websites and a couple of blogs successfully. This is not the end of achievements for Harsh as the stars have just begun in his favor.

Harsh Agrawal at Google
Harsh at Google HQ, Image Credit : facebook

Harsh Agarwal Blog in Hindi : 

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WordPress Ebook by Harsh Agarwal :

Inspirational Factor:

Harsh is one of the youngest inspirational idols to all those people who sit back home and give-up on their dreams.

It is true that success comes with hard work and we must really strive hard to achieve it. If you have a sharp and witty brain, you can work on shaping your own dreams and ambitions. I truly admire Harsh for his efforts and passion.

He has no clue why he started blogging and had no idea about it. It was only his instinct that magnetized him to stick to his goals.

Harsh never expected he would make thousands of dollars monthly. Harsh’s interest for business and technology has raised an urge among the engineering students.

He left his job at Convergys for full time blogging, Later on when he got joining letter from Accenture (Top MNC), He declined that for professional blogging career.

Now He is being interviewed by many for his achievements. A cup of coffee with Harsh by an interviewer taught him how much focus we must pay to think about our lives.

Motivational Message from Harsh for Young Entrepreneurs To Succeed in The Career :

My experience after reading about Harsh Agrawal was that you can chase your dreams only if you build a way to reach them. The phenomenon is similar to making bigger bridges by collecting smaller stones at first.

Unless you know the design to reach your career, you would not be able to see how success looks like. This is what Harsh portrays through his achievements and accomplishments.

Being a writer myself, I can relate the struggles and challenges in the writing world. You have no one to guide you, no one to train you on the process, and no one to promote you or recognize you. Harsh was a newbie in the world of blogging.

His confidence and self-esteem helped him to take one step at a time and build the gaps in his knowledge. The place where he is standing now is based on all those little pebbles he has collected to build this height for him.

I really admire him for his skills and way of thinking. I wish I could be a little like him in my career goals. We often think ‘if things work fine’, but now I believe ‘I will make things work’, just like Harsh did. If you are into blogging and do not know how to start, visit a few blogs by Harsh and things will look like butter smooth for you to begin.

If I had to give him a name for his commendable success at a young age, I will rather call him a ‘Rocket Launcher’ in the world of blogging.

My best wishes are with Harsh and I truly wish he continues to do the same in his field and inspires many more who are following him.

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