This Cute Success Story of FlowerAura is Surely Going to Make You Smile

Not all success stories will make you cry; there are a few that even bring a smile on your face. The success story of Floweraura promises you of the same.

Company: Floweraura

Founders of Floweraura: Shrey Sehgal and Himanshu Chawla

Year of Establishment: 2010

URL: floweraura.com

Head Office: Gurgaon, India

What Do You Know About Floweraura and Their Journey?

Floweraura is an online portal dealing with floral services throughout the country. Apart from flowers and decorative, they also deal with cakes, candies, chocolates, and soft toys. The objective of the company is to bring a smile on your loved ones.

The portal was launched in 2010 by two founders. The roadmap of this success was not that easy, but their beautiful dream convinced all in their families. No one in their family wanted someone to work as a Phoolwala to be precise, but their continuous efforts and smile managed to spread the fragrance of love on all.

To make it more impressive, the company also started with a service of personalized song dedication on guitar in the NCR region. Now, that is cute!

One of the amazing facts about the founders, Himanshu and Shrey was that they did not take any funding source or monetary help from anyone. They started the business with just 1 lakh rupees in their account. The business was challenging to attract the targeted audience for their first shop in Gurgaon as expected. Both of them decided to divide their responsibilities by one person handling the offline business and another focusing on the online. (via Economic Times)

Today, Floweraura runs its business in more than 150 cities across India. The company has introduced flexible services of midnight delivery and same day delivery facilities. Many customers have appreciated their stupendous job, especially the ‘Floral Notes’ concept. Floral Notes is a service where a customer can choose their favorite track, flowers, and gifts for their loved one on a special occasion, their guitarist will personally visit to sing the song along with the gift delivery. The concept was introduced to bring emotional happiness along with physical emotions of gifting.

The company has so far satisfied more than 1 lakh customers and the number is increasing every day. The founders are also looking at innovative ways to enhance customer experience with the help of technology.

Accomplishments by Floweraura:

  • As said before, the company is enjoying its peak of limelight by running business in more than 150 cities.
  • To talk about their sale, they have successfully cracked more than $1M till date. The success ladder has given them new visions to hire more employees and staff for expanding their business.
  • The company enjoys high repute since 5 years and is considered to be one of the most recognized as well as prominent florists online.

What motivates us from their success story?

Floweraura’s success story does not inspire you to be educated, smart, skilled, or intellectual. They deliver a very sweet and simple message; ‘Follow Your Heart’. If you wish to do something in life that doesn’t relate your education or background, just believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in you, just have faith and there will be a day when others will praise you too!

One great factor about the company is that they started with very limited funds; however their vision was big. Without anyone’s monetary support or bank loan, they began on a very small scale. Just like any other business startup, they faced many challenges, but not even for a moment they got distracted from their goals. The challenges in business did not let them question about their business decision.

Irrespective of the hurdles in business, Shrey and Himanshu kept their personal profits aside and wanted to satisfy their customers first. The site displays beautiful meanings, emotions, and expressions of love. The colorful images give new hopes of relationships and help the existing one to get stronger.

Their rates are pretty reasonable and any common man can afford to send his love or thanksgiving. The site is not only meant just for lovers, they have a message for all good occasions in your life.

Trust me, if there is anything good happening with you, express it by way of flowers and sweetness as Happiness doesn’t stay for long. It is important that we thank all those people in our lives who gave us a purpose to smile and live happily.

Floweraura’s Discount Coupons : floweraura.com/coupons | Facebook : FB/floweraura

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