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Sunil Kalra, An Independent Angel Investor is listed among “The Top 3 Must have Investors to raise Funds from” in Forbes

At times all you need is just one person who believes in you and is ready to conquer the mountains with you. Well! Sunil Kalra is that one person for all the enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the country. Sunil Kalra is an independent angel investor is listed among the top most investors to raise funds from.

Sunil Kalra is associated with no venture capital firms, he functions independently and aims to help entrepreneurs scale, build, reckon the market and grow successful at everything they do. Sunil Kalra not only lends you his money but also his expertise, experience, insight and inspiration.

Let’s find out more about Sunil Kalra

Kalra started his career in the exports vertical where he was leather apparel and exported to reputed brands like Eddie Bauer, Donna Karen and J Crew. In 2002, he exited export industry to work with a group of investors and promoted Assotech Reality. At the same time he was also promoting institute of petroleum and Energy studies.

It is only from last three years that he is working as a full-time angel investor. He is associated with no firm, which allows him to evaluate enterprises on varied scales before investing in them. The common myth about VC firms is that they tend to measure the market value of the startup before investing in it but Kalra wanted to do things differently hence he decided to walk down the road all alone.

Today, Sunil Kalra is the name entrepreneurs want to go ahead with. He has created a way for himself and is now busy showing the young and talented entrepreneurs the way to success.

What are some of the key investments Sunil Kalra has made in recent past?

Sunil Kalra follows a different paradigm for selecting startups to fund. He aims to fund startups with promising products along with a team that stands resolutely. Some of the investments made by Sunil Kalra are:

  • Innoveda Biological Solutions
  • Goonj (Graam Vani)
  • Innovize Tech
  • M Power
  • ( MyZingo) (Acquired by IBIBO)
  • (Acquired by Myntra)
  • Hasti Dry Port
  • Jigsee (Acquired by VuClip) and many more.

What are the sectors Sunil Kalra prefer investing in?

Like all independent angel investors, Sunil Kalra too has favorite sectors for investment. Sunil has been studying Indian and Foreign startup community quite intricately hence he is able to make right decisions. He is quite happy about the investments he has made till date. Though he fears that 1 or 2 investments he made may wrong but the rest 95% of investment are working fine for him.

Technology, health and finance are the favorite investment sectors of Sunil Kalra he aims to read and find out more about these sectors. Association with other independent angel investors has also helped him develop clear understanding about these sectors.

When it comes to location Sunil Kalra wants to invest in then Pune, Mumbai, Jodhpur and Bengaluru are his favorite. He chose the listed cities because of the energy of these cities. He finds that people in these are always hustling hence there’s lot that can be solved with the efficient use of technology and modern day products.

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How much Sunil Kalra involves him with startups he invests in?

Sunil aims to stand by the startups at all hours of the day. Every startup related to him can reach out to him at any of hour of day. He is always available to listen to the problems and help them find solutions to those innocuous problems.

Sunil is making requisite efforts to ensure that startups are provided with the best of everything to move in the direction of their dreams with great ease. He loves the sound of busy and works hard enough to see results coming in.

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In the Forbes list?

Yes! Sunil Kalra is among the top three investors to look for, according to Forbes. Sunil is about 51 years old and courageous enough to take bold decisions that might surprise the masses.

How Viral Indian Diary sees the efforts of Sunil Kalra?

Well, Sunil is not some wannabe entrepreneur; he has proved his mettle by working in different sectors at varied instances of time in his life. Kalra is one of the most reputed men in the field of angel investment. Entrepreneurs from all facets of life respect him for his achievement and extremely helpful insights.

All we can say that is we are proud to have such talented and ground to earth people in our country. We are more proud about the fact that Sunil aims to make a better world by funding life altering technologies and products.

Header image : Forbes

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