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Meet The Father of The Intel’s Pentium Chip – Vinod Dham

Dham’s short and sweet success story will not only encourage you to continue with high spirits, but also teach you to have patience for the right things to happen.

Full Name: Vinod Dham

Age: about 66

Current Location: United States of America

Interesting Information about Vinod Dham:

Vinod Dham is popularly known as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and an inventor. He is also titled as the ‘Father of the Pentium Chip’. His contributions in the development of Pentium processors from Intel brought him immense popularity. Dham has been the most promising venture capitalists in India. He has also acted as an Indo-American pioneer from Silicon Valley.

His accomplishments are greatly appreciated and respected as he is among the rare Indian-Americans, who have helped to change the face of America. In regard to his career, he has remained a Board Member for many years and an advisor to numerous private and public companies.

At present, Dham is serving as a Managing Director and Founder of Indo US Venture Partners. To tell you more about his accomplishments, he is the Co-Founder and CEO of Acadgild. Acadgild is slightly different from videos and online courses. It offers live mentoring and closely engages students to get a hands-on experience for building real applications. It is more like a practical course than theoretical.

Dham has always been a keen observer of how the technology works and how it can be improved. When he joined Intel, it was merely a $663 million company, and by the time he left, it got improved to $16.2 billion.


His father was from Rawalpindi – Punjab, India, post the partition. He was the member of the army civilian department. Dham is a B.E. degree holder in Electrical Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering. The college is renamed to Delhi Technological University. He was 21 when he completed his engineering.

Dham has many siblings. He was 25 when he waived off his family in New Delhi and moved to USA to become a graduate. The time when he moved to USA, he only had 8$ in his pockets. Currently, Dham is living a cordial married life with wife Sadhana and two bright sons.

Dham has studied from different universities and colleges. He left his first job in New Delhi, to pursue further studies from the University of Cincinnati – Ohio, USA.

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Awards and Recognition:

He is named as one of the top 25 executives in the US computer industry.

Dham was also named as one of the top 100 influential Asian Americans of the decade.

His name appeared in the China Daily BBS among Indian Role Models and Heroes along with few other big names.

Dham was honored with the NRI Achievement Award at the NRI Global Summit, 2009.

The list of awards and recognition doesn’t end here and in fact continues…

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Motivational Factor about Vinod Dham:

Dham could have stayed with Intel and made a good career. However, the time he was ready to quit Intel, he was himself a major brand. People no more recognized him as an employee of Intel, but a separate inventor altogether.

I am not really a technology expert or a gadget freak, but looking at the background of Vinod Dham, I truly find him commendable. There is nothing that can stop you from touching your goals if you find a way to reach them. Hurdles are everywhere; however few experts like Dham treat these hurdles as test papers and keep clearing those with good marks.

Dham didn’t take anything from his family and this includes the financial support too. He did all by himself. It is only due to his efforts today that IndoUS Venture Company could invest in about 2 dozen companies. He is not a motivational speaker, nor an inspirational leader. He just believed in himself and continued to invest his efforts in the right things.

Today, Dham and his wife are donors to many social causes in US and India. He has remained a trustee of American India Foundation (AIF). It is the foundation, where Former President Bill Clinton is the honorary chairperson. Dham’s interests also include a mission to provide underprivileged children in India and enhance their learning capabilities through digital technology.

Due to his continuous efforts in both the countries, he received the Visionary Award for his DE work by Montel Singh Ahluwalia. 2010. I truly respect this man for the way he has followed his dreams and never gave up to achieve his targets.

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