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Who Invented Email?, A 14 Year Old Indian Boy : Story of Shiva Ayyadurai

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is someone every Indian wants to be! An Entrepreneur, Scientist and Innovator living a happy life in the United States of America. He will also be remembered as the inventor of EMAIL and will find a significant place when the history of Computer Science will be written.

Quick Bio, Wiki :

Dr. V.A Shiva Ayyadurai PhD (M.I.T.) is an Indian-American who was born to a Tamil Family in Bombay (Mumbai), India in the year 1964.

When his family migrated to United States of America, Shiva was just seven years of age, he complete his education in America and then went to MIT for graduating. He took four degrees from MIT and proved his mettle by building unique Computer Science tools.

Early Life :

Shiva is an undergraduate in Electrical engineering and computer science from MIT. Out of the four degrees he acquired from MIT is his master degree in Mechanical Engineering and Visual Studies.

It was during 1978-1979 while attending high school that Shiva invented an electronic version of interoffice mail system and named it EMAIL. Shiva went on to copyright this product in 1982. The then developed tool has remarkable similarities with the one ‘email’ we use today.

The Huffington Post and The Washington Post made claims that Shiva Ayyadurai is the inventor of E-mail that we use today but after public outrage they removed such claims and Shiva’s place in the history of Computer Science went for a ride. A handful of people still believe Shiva to be the inventor of the E-mail but the world renounces a distinctive American as the inventor of Email.

Career :

India’s largest Research Organization CSIR made him relocate from Boston to Delhi. He was offered a leadership position along with the position of Consultant but what followed was a disastrous outcome. Shiva was shortly fired. Shiva said, he was trying to curb corruption in the organization, which led to his curbing.

Shiva Ayyadurai came back to USA after being fired from CSIR and took the lecturer’s job at MIT. He got adamant with the career and served as a Lecturer till 2012.

Personal Life :

shiva ayyadurai and fran drescher
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Shiva Ayyadurai got married to an actress Fran Drescher on September 7, 2014. A lot of reputed news agency reputed this event but Shiva discarded saying, it was no formal marriage just a celebration of the friendship they shared. Shiva is a US citizen living proudly in America. He is currently holding important positions at Innovation Corps and CytoSolve Inc.

Recent popular tweet by Dr.Shiva :

Email Controversy :

Who actually invented Email?

Did a 14 year old Indian boy actually invented email?, After being interviewed by reputed agencies and cited as THE MAN WHO INVENTED EMAIL, the controversy rose to its maximum height. A group of people came forward claiming that they invented email.

Newspapers and agencies cited him as FRAUD, leaving him devastated and sad. Today millions of people believe him to be the man who invented email but there are millions of other people who consider him to be a fraud.

If you would like to read more FACTS about this and Shiva Ayyudurai’s story visit here :

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